Chicken Tikka Kebabs With Cilantro, Raita On Pitta Bread.

A Cucumber And Fresh Mint Raita. Courtesy of 
 Wikipedia on Googl
A Cucumber And Fresh Mint Raita. Courtesy of 
 Wikipedia on Googl

The last time I shared Chicken Tikka with you was back in July 12th 2011 when it was roasted in the oven. This time we shall have it grilled on the stove-top grill and served on fresh hot pitta bread with chopped fresh cilantro (coriander) topped with a Raita. Indian / Pakistani food is generally spicy so yogurt comes to cool your palate...

You will need :
Serves 3 
-  700 gr chicken breast cut in cubes.
 -  4 Tbsp. ready made Tikka Powder mix. (As I usually say, any self respecting super market should have Sharwood's Tikka Powder Mix).

-  4 Tbsp. thick Greek yogurt.
-  2 Tbsp. lemon juice.
-  2 Tbsp. olive oil.
-  ½ bunch fresh cilantro.
-  Lettuce leaves.
-  10 pieces Pitta Bread.

-  400 gr thick Greek yogurt.
-  2 Tbsp. fresh mint roughly chopped.
- Toaster.
-  Combine Tikka powder mix, yogurt, lemon and olive oil into a uniform paste.
-  Add and coat chicken cubes.
-  Marinate for a couple of hours.

-  Thread into skewers. 2 per person.

-  Combine yogurt and chopped mint leaves in a bowl for the raita.

-  Put your chopped cilantro in a bowl to serve at table.
-  Serve your lettuce leave standing in a long wide glass.
-  Serve your pitta bread by the toaster.
-  Now that you have all your side dishes ready at table, start grilling your Tikka chicken kebabs.
-  When cooked, Serve 2 skewers of Tikka Kebab per person.
How to eat:
 -  Heat a pitta bread in the toaster.
-  Put some cilantro on pitta.
-  Take Tikka kebabs off one skewer and place on top of the cilantro.
-  Spoon some raita on top of the kebabs.
-  Fold the pita bread in two and eat by hand.

If you do not want to eat bread:
-  Instead of bread set one lettuce leaf on your plate.
-  Add some cilantro.
-  Kebabs from your skewer.
-  Top with raita.
-  Sprinkle some slightly toasted cumin seeds on the raita.
-  Add thin onion rings on top of the raita.
Enjoy !!


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