Baked Cuttlefish With Potatoes...

Baby cuttlefish are easy to find and quite tasty.  Today I put everything together in one pot and 1hour and 20 minutes later it was ready to eat.

You need:
Serves 4
-  1 kg baby cuttlefish washed.
-  4 medium potatoes, washed, pealed and cut and parboiled 3 minutes.

-  1 big onion very thinly sliced
-  2 heads garlic where individual cloves were added whole not peeled.
-  ½ cup white wine.
-  3 pinches from the spice mix used to freshen up your living room.
-  Salt and pepper.
-  Preheat oven to max.
-  Combine all the above except the wine in the earth wear pot.

 -  At half time remove all liquids, add wine.
-  When time is up, remove rest of liquids and boil in a saucepan to reduce sauce.
-  Continue baking for another 20 minutes.
-  Add reduced sauce on plates if desired.


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