Roast Turkey Thighs With Orzo....All In The Oven

Never used turkey legs in any of my previous posts. Today I shall share with you something new and indeed very tasty. We don't need to wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's to eat turkey. Greeks have the custom of eating Turkey on Christmas Day, and a whole Piglet on New Year's Day...But we as a family are different... we don't follow customs... it just depends how we feel that day...

By the way I apologize for not having included this recipe a few days before Thanksgiving.  There may have been some people who would have enjoyed one or two turkey thighs instead of having a whole turkey. To tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God, I prefer the dark turkey thighs to the white breast which is always dry no matter what you do to it. That is why you need the gravy. It would be a very good idea to buy one huge turkey thigh per two persons and if you have let's say 12 people for dinner, have 6 to 8 turkey thighs. Only turkey thighs. I am positive people would enjoy the turkey much more than the usual whole turkey bla, bla, bla,....  You can include all the trimmings as well I don't have a problem with that. ......  North Americans don't kill me!!! I know it is years of tradition going from generation to generation. (Reminds me of Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller movie Meet the little Fockers when Ben starts to cut the turkey! Ha Ha!).
You will need to serve 4-6 persons:
-  2 huge turkey legs drumstick and thigh (same Italian brand we get our breast from)
-  1 Tbsp. salt
-  2 Tbsp. black pepper.
-  2 Tbsp. Carino - this is a special spice and herb mix made here in Greece for poultry.
-  2  tsp. garlic powder.
-  4 Tbsp. olive oil.
-  4 Tbsp. dry mustard powder.
-  500 gr medium size orzo.
-  Line oven dish with oven proof paper so it will be easier to wash the oven dish afterwards.
-  Apply the oil to the turkey by rubbing well all over front and back, and under the skin.
-  Add salt and pepper and rub well front and back (especially the front skin side for extra crunch).
-  Add the Carino or any spice mix for poultry you have and rub everywhere under the skin as well.
-  Add the garlic powder and rub all over.
-  Add the mustard powder and really rub everywhere especially under the skin.
-  Taste your hands from all this rubbing and see what is missing, add according to your taste.
-  Let stand a couple of hours outside the fridge.
-  In the meantime pre-heat your oven to maximum temperature 250 - 300 degrees C.
-  Roast for 1 - 1½ hours. over-turning the thighs during half time.
-  In the meantime you have boiled 1½ liters of water. Don''t use broth or stock because the liquids from the turkey are rich and salty enough.
-  Add orzo in the baking dish empty spots. Lift the thighs slightly to get some under there.

-  Pour as much boiling water the dish will hold, carefully insert in oven, turn off oven and let stand in the oven for ½ hour till the orzo absorbs the liquids and you are all ready to sit at table.
Pull out of oven and serve with parmesan cheese over the orzo. The orzo was so well cooked al dente and was so exquisite that we did not use any cheese... and that turkey...Oh! That meat just fell off the bone like butter. Wow! trust me.


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