Spice Up Your Living Room For The Holidays...Another Type Of Recipe

The Orient, the Middle East, Near East, India, Pakistan all these beautiful countries with history, culture, and spices come to make our lives more interesting in a somewhat sensuous romantic way to drive us away from the problems of everyday life. This is the main reason we enjoy the Holiday season so much. The more the problems the more we want to enjoy the Holidays to make us forget. Then comes January 2nd when we hit reality because on January 1rst we are still under the spell of December 31rst... Plus the fact that  we have to prepare for the New Years day festive table. It is therefore correct to say that these days we should "Spice" up our lives and we are going to do just that !...

Spices can be used in food but in many other concoctions as well, such as mixtures in which water is added over a flame giving out a scent to render the atmosphere Spicy and Sensual together with dim lights, candles burning and soft music in the air, will make your evenings unforgettably delicious while enjoying a glass of good red wine or eggnog with your friends and loved ones or while you are trimming the Christmas tree.

Now let us make our spice mix:
You will need:
-  1 Tbsp. flaked mace
-  10 Black cardamom seeds.(not the small green ones).
-  5 x 5 inch sticks of cinnamon.
-  10 - 15 juniper berries.
-  20 -30 whole cloves including middle flower.
-  Zest of two oranges.
- Combine all the above in a mortar and grind them as best as you can with the pestle.
-  Use a flame proof bowl on its stand to add a tablespoon full spice mixture. Cover the rest for later in an air-tight jar for another occasion.
-  Add some water to well cover mixture.
-  Light up your little candle from beneath.
-  Place the whole on your living room coffee table or anywhere else in your home where you can frequently keep an eye on it not to run out of water.  Watch that flame too.
Note: In the picture above I had it on my desk while working so as to keep an eye on it and smell the results. Very good by the way. Do play around adding other spices. There again let your imagination wander... enjoy creating...push yourself into the Christmas spirit...


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