For All You Smokers Out There!!..

This my friends is not a comestible recipe but a recipe to render your life and that of your visitors at home more pleasant. As I am not a smoker myself, having quit 30 years ago except for an occasional Cuban cigar after a really good meal, the other day I learned something very interesting from the shop-keeper who sells very tasteful little and big gifts, candles, and general decorative things for a home. This is where I bought my 1940 looking big white enameled colander....

We are talking about a nice big orange with a bunch of whole clovers (with their flowers) driven into its zest. The orange will look like an ocean water mine,  like the ones they had in World War II. It looks like this:
You will need:
-  1 x z where z is the number of oranges you want to prick.
-  1 bunch of full whole cloves. By full I mean must include the little round thingy in the middle.
-  Something to use as a base. I used a breakfast soft boiled egg base.
-  You hold the orange in one hand, and insert the whole clove with the thumb and forefinger of your other.
Be gentle with the clove lest you break the "flower" which is the active ingredient of the whole clove.
-  Keep on putting the cloves until you cover the whole surface as above.
This orange, apart from the fact that it gives a very nice smell to the surroundings, it also should absorbs the smoke and the smell of nicotine from your cigarettes and that of guests who smoke and don't have the politeness the ask if they are allowed to smoke. In my opinion, it is very unpleasant to walk into an office or a home which smells of cigarette smoke or nicotine. We have a no smoking rule at home where guests, important or not, are politely asked to smoke on the veranda.
Note: The orange might get a bit dehydrated after some time but it will not rot. The more the prickly oranges you have around the house the better.
Try it.... it might work.


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