Roast Baby Lamb Shoulders With Skin-On Potatoes.

For us the week end is for special food.  Roast lamb with potatoes is one of our favorites! So got out our "tsoukali" as we would say it in Greek which is basically an earth ware clay casserole which holds the marks of decades of cooking . All people around the world have such earth ware which is a sign that in pre-
historic days, after the invention of the wheel, people knew what they were doing. I personally love to cook in this casserole. I just throw everything in there and let it cook slowly for hours adding a little water every once in a while so that the food does not get too dehydrated. So...back to our lamb...
We are having baby lamb with potatoes all roasted together in this casserole.

You will need:
Serves 4
-  2 shoulders from a baby lamb, shank separated from the shoulder.

You Can See How Baby It Is
 -  1.3 kg skin-on potatoes, washed cut up in bite size pieces.

-  1 Tbsp. yellow Colman's mustard powder.
-  1 Tbsp. garlic powder.
-  2 Tbsp. olive oil.
-  Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
-  Rub oil, mustard and garlic powder on potatoes and lamb.
-  Rub salt and pepper and rub both potatoes and lamb.
-  While you are preheating the oven, let the lamb marinate in the fridge.
-  Fill your earth-wear casserole with the potatoes on the bottom and the lamb on top.

-  When the oven has reached the desired temperature of about 250 degrees C, insert earth-ware in the oven in middle shelf for ½ an hour to sear.
-  Lower temperature to 200 degrees C for 2 hours.
Serve and enjoy with a salad on the side Bon Appétit, Stelio


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