Glass And Stained Glass Candle Holders ....Avoid Getting Crooked Candles and Wax All Over The Base

During the Holiday Season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Epifani and all those name days in between we tend to light many candles at home. Due to the danger of having naked flames burning it is wise to put them in candle holders or lanterns in or out of your home so the flame is somehow protected. One very useful trick I learned from a friend is......

 to fill the bottom of your candle holder with rice, black eyed peas, yellow, brown , green lentils or a mixture of all.  Put enough in so the candle whatever diameter may it be, sits comfortably, STRAIGHT so it will burn evenly all around producing a uniform crater so it does not start dripping out.  At any time you could straighten the candle very easily just be moving it left, right, frontwards or backwards. If by any chance some wind blows and the candle drips, it will drip over the rice, lentils etc. and you will not have to go through the tedious cleaning process. Then, all you have to do afterwards is to change the candle and / or the lentil mixture, you will not have wax all over the place.
Hope this idea helps,
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