Sauce Bolognese....Meat Sauce

Meat Sauce:
Meat Sauce Simmering To Reduce Juices And Cook.


- Fry 1 big finely minced onion,
-  Add 4 cloves garlic passed through the press,
-  Add 1 kg ground beef, and brown till juices evaporate,
-  Add some soy sauce,
-  500 gms of grated tomatoes with juice,
-  1 Tbsp. tomato paste,
-  3-4 rounds of the nutmeg mill,
-  2 beef cubes dissolved in 100 ml of hot water,
-  1 cinnamon stick, 1/4 tsp. sugar,
-  1/2 Tbsp. dry thyme,
-  Simmer for 30 minutes without cover stirring frequently.
-  The meat sauce needs to be dryish.
Note:  If you cover the saucepan while simmering then the meat will have a sauce. This meat sauce can be used for spaghetti, rice or any other dish. You can add some basil if you wish.
Good Luck


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