Canned Sardines And Vegies

The following my friends is not a recipe but an idea I would like to share with you for a very lazy day.

Sometimes you don't feel like fixing anything for lunch.  Or, want to eat something just to get by.
Lazily you may go to your freezer to discover some frozen vegetables such us mushrooms, baby carrots, tiny sweet peas, artichokes, some sweet corn and then......the idea comes. To prepare something with minimal trouble.
So, you prepare your "couscousière" shown below, put some water in the lower pot, fit the colander on top of it, and place the frozen stuff you found, and put the lid on.   Let the water boil, and cook your vegetables "Al Dente". Open a can of sardines, drain the oil or water out and lunch is ready.
The presentation is something like my photo above.

Bon Appétit my friends,


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