How To Cook Normal Rice...

You cook normal rice by basically playing it by ear because there are many types of rice which may or may not need more water than just 1½ cups per cup of rice. The rule is for every 1 cup of rice, you should boil 1½ cups of water and add the rice as soon as the water boils.
I will give you an example for 2 cups of rice.
-  Bring to a boil 3 cups of water.
-  Add 1 tsp. salt or to taste. Basically it is healthier to be on a low sodium diet specially as we grow older.
-  Add the rice, cover tightly, and lower the heat to the lowest possible heat for 20 minutes.
-  When time is up turn off the fire.
-  Put a kitchen towel under the lid and cover tightly until it is time to eat. This will absorb any further steam produced and avoid the rice from sticking to each other and overcook.
  • Instead of water you can use stock.
  • Or 50/50 water/stock.
  • You could add bouillon cubes to the water.
  • You could add saffron to the water.
  • You could add curry, or any spice to the water.
  • You could add turmeric in which case the rice will come out yellow.
  • You could add 2 to 3 bay leaves.
  • You could add any herb you like.
  • You could add raisins to the water.
  • You could add various toasted chopped nuts after the rice is ready.
  • You could add raisins while the rice is cooking, and then add chopped nuts.
  • You could add fresh (not frozen)  finely chopped cilantro.
This list goes on and on.  Just follow your imagination and experiment.


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