Puff Pastry Cups With Camembert And Prosciutto Grissini....First Course

Now that your curiosity has been tickled I have the pleasure to share with you the first course to Barbara's dinner party. It was composed of two items. the first was Parma Ham rolled on Bread Sticks with sesame seed.  The second part  was a little more complicated in the sense that you have to use one sheet of puff pastry and do things with it.

You will need:
Serves 12
For the Parma Ham bread sticks:
-  Twelve slices of Prosciutto di Parma, Parma Cured Ham.
-  Twelve sesame bread sticks.
-  Place each stick on the beginning of the ham slice and roll with the palm of your hand till the end of the slice.
-  Repeat same precedure with other sticks.
For the Camembert puff pastry cups;
-  One sheet of puff pastry.
-  12 Cup cake moulds.
-  Camembert cheese.
-  Cut the puff pastry sheet in two.
-  Use half, roll from the longer side with the palm of both your hands just like you roll a carpet.
-  Cut the roll in half.
-  Cut each half into 3 equal parts.
-  Stand each third on its base.
-  Press with your forefinger till it becomes flat like a coin.
-  With your hands or a roller pin enlarge the coin-like pastry large enough to fit in a cup cake mould to form a cup.
-  Repeat with the other half of the puff pastry following the above steps till you obtain 12 cups.
-  Bake at 200 degrees centigrade for an hour.  There is no need to butter or flour the cup cake mould since the puff pastry has enough butter in it.
Tip:  Every 10-15 minutes you would want to check on the cups because the puff pastry tend to puff close the cup. Taking a soup spoon push the walls back to form the cup again. Repeat till the cup is ready leaving a cavity in the middle.
-  Let cool till time to prepare for dinner.
-  Place a good piece of Camembert Cheese in the cavity of the cup and bake long enough till the cheese melts and the puff pastry regains its crispness.
Serve each  person with one Parma ham rolled on the breadstick and one cup of Camembert on a small plate.


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