Barbara's Dinner Party....The Menu

Brass Sous-Plat
Setting Of The Table
Seat With Birthday Hat
Was Barbara's.

Wow !! I've been away a long time...seems like ages!! I missed you guys. Well dinner was an absolute success, Sous-Plats and all!! lots of back rubbing in our small kitchen, fun, drinks and music while cooking (loud speaker in the kitchen from the main stereo in the living room), heat! but then they say "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen".

In this episode of my blog I will just mention the 4 course menu planned; and this is to tickle your appetite for what's to come.

Barbara’s 29th
Birthday Dinner Party

First Course

Parma Ham Grissini

Little Puff Pastry Cups with Camembert Cheese

Second Course

Gnocchi di Patate al Gorgonzola

Trou Normand: Palate Cleanser

Lime Sherbet with Vodka


Third Course

Prune Stuffed Filet of Pork on Polenta Pancake Cream Sauce

Sauté Button Mushrooms

Corn and Sweet Peas Nature

Forth Course

Iceberg Salad with Baby Tomatoes and Mozzarella Vinaigrette Surprise


Mom’s Birthday Cake

Linda's New York Cheese Made By Nicos And Barbara

Irini’s Chocolate Fondue


The Trou Norman - Palate Cleanser has already been shared with you on Wednesday, May 18th 2011.I will share with you the rest of the recipes  as promised each on a different posting. ( Bit later than scheduled. I was exhausted for two days plus had to prepare my Tax Return papers for 2010 so you do understand).

To really make things funny (ha ha) I gave Barbara a little bell we bought in Geneva once, and asked her to ring it whenever she needed anything!! Glad my Maria was with me in the kitchen who could hear the bell because I couldn't. LOL

Talk to you soon,


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