Filo Spring Rolls With A Kick....My Concoction

Fried Filo Spring Rolls
So you have some left over filo from yesterday when you made Bric A L'oeuf, and some frozen cheese/egg mix from the other day when you made cheesy wraps and you have a couple of cawots, a parsnip, a red bell pepper, some chinese cabbage and a spring onion. 
I woke up this morning with a special recipe for spring rolls in mind in order use up the filo and cheese/egg mix.
You will need:
- Whatever filo you have left. If you have a brand new pack so much the better.
-  Whatever frozen cheese/egg mix left over. If you have fresh grated cheese put an egg inside and use it.
-  5 - 6 Chinese Cabbage leaves very thinly chopped.
-  1 spring onion finely sliced.
-  2 small cawots sliced with a potato peeler as per photo.
-  Some parsnip sliced just like the carrot.
-  1 red bell pepper brunoise. (You should know what brunoise means by now).
-  1 Tbsp. cayenne pepper. Yes 1 Tbsp. we want the spring roll to have kick to it.
-  Cut the filo as per photo the width must be at least 4 inches wide
-  Mix all the above very well.
-  Start filling and rolling the filo as per photos.
-  Freeze them the same way you froze the cheesy wraps. You are now ready for any surprise guests for drinks.
-  Although I mentioned in my Cheesy Wraps recipe to bake them I believe they are much better if they are fried. Of course you can bake them if you wish.
Add A Tbsp. Of Filling
Cut The Filo In 4 inch Strips

Keep Rolling Making Sure You
Fold the Two Extremities Inside
Facing Each Other.
Stick The End With A Water
Wet Brush.

Potato Peeler

This is another way of using filo. There are yet many other ways you can use filo such as Baklava!.....
Good Luck and Bon Appétit,


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