Chocolate Truffles For The Easter Holidays !

Today is Sunday and as usual Maria has a sweet for you to enjoy. Easter is in one week from today. Starting tomorrow Monday till Saturday midnight,  is no time to rejoice. However tradition says you prepare various specialties for Saturday Midnight and Easter Sunday.  Every Christian country has its traditions and certainly Greece has many.
Maria is giving you chocolate. She is leaving all the traditional stuff to others.  Chocolate is loved by anybody and everybody and they will never say no to chocolate.
When making truffles, and you don't have the special scoop, you will end up with chocolate all over the place and specially your hands. At the end of the adventure you get to lick them before you wash them!!  Boy...that's the best moment.
You will need:
To make a decent plateful.
-  240 gms of 60% - 70%  cooking chocolate depending how bitter you like it.
-  1/3 cup fresh cream.
-  6 Tbsp. butter.
-  A double boiler to melt your chocolate in and make your general mixture.
-  A small ice cream scoop or any scoop to cut melon and watermelon with.
-  A bowl with little colored chocolate thingies.
-  A bowl with crushed thinly sliced almonds.
-  A bowl with crushed Kellogg Special K Classic cereal.
-  A bowl with cocoa powder.
Note: the colored thingies, the almonds, the cereal and the cocoa powder are used to roll the truffles in to coat.
-  If your chocolate is thick like mine, then cut as finely as possible. If you have thinner chocolate then just break it into small pieces.

-  The double boiler I am using consists of a heat resistant bowl and cover, and a saucepan with water as per photo.

Other double boiler models are shown in this photo.

On The right: 60 Years Old
On The left: 30 Years Old
The Photo Is Hazy Due To Vapor.
Melting Chocolate With Cream And Butter.
 -  Get the double boiler going by waiting for the water to boil, add the cream, butter, stir till they are into each other, then add half of the chocolate, stir to melt, then add the rest till all the chocolate is completely melted.

The Mixture Is Now Ready To Be Put In The Freezer.
Notice the Shine Which Comes From The Butter.
This Mix Could Be Used As An Icing On An Orange Loaf.
-  Cool bowl slightly and transfer mix to a heat / cold resistant glass loaf mold. Freeze for 30 minutes.

-  When time is up, the chocolate has well stiffened use your scoop to scrape out scoops of make little balls, then use the back of a small spoon to take from scoop, that's if you don't have the right scoop for the job.

-  If it is not completely round, use the palms of your hands to round it then roll in the bowls you prepared.
I hope you will enjoy making these truffles and now that you know the basics you can play around with the coating.
ave a nice week,

P.S. I never asked you guys what you gave up for lent.
The Little Colored Chocolate Thingies


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