Three Basic Ingredients For Tex-Mex And Spicy Dishes....Only For Spicy Food Lovers

Reading through Tex-Mex and Mexican recipes I feel it is my duty to inform my readers in the Eastern Hemisphere and Europe about three basic ingredients used.  Africa is excluded because it has its own ingredients typical to their spicy food.....
The three ingredients are: Jalapenio pronounced Halapenio,  Chipotle pronounced " Tchipotl'e" and Chipotle en Adobo, adobo meaning marinade.

The Jalapenio is a green pepper with a Scoville heat unit of 2,500 - 10,000 units when our normal green bell pepper has a Scoville heat unit of 0. Please refer back to my post July 16th 2011.

The second ingredient is the Chipotle. This is basically a Jalapenio which has been left on the bush to turn red and dry out, then put in a closed chamber and smoked.This chipotle gives a tremendous spicy, smoky flavor not only to Tex-Mex and Mexican foods but to international dishes as well.

The third and last spice for this post is the Chipotle en Adobo which is a major ingredient. This is chipotle in a marinade of "red sauce that typically contains tomato puree and a variety of seasonings such as paprika, salt, onions, vinegar, garlic and oregano. Chipotle en adobo is also used for making sauces, chipotle mayonaise, rubs as well as other recipes." 

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I have chosen to write about these three items to help my readers make Tex-Mex, or Mexican food.

Wish you happy cooking.



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