Lasagna Fritters...Great with Homos!

The Purple Color Is Obtained By Adding Beetroot Juice.
On Thursday, July 7th 2011 I shared with you my recipe for Homos, the dip. These lasagna fritters will help you dip into it.
You will need:
 If you use the whole box as you buy it from the supermarket you will have enough for a large party.
-  500 gr of ready uncooked lasagna in a box from the supermarket.
-  5 liters of water to boil.
-  ¼ cup olive oil.
-  1 wet clean white* kitchen towel spread on your kitchen table.
-  Salt for the boiling water....

- Boil water as if to boil pasta. Add the salt you wish to the boiling water.
- Add the oil (the oil will prevent the lasagna from sticking to each other in the water).
- Put 4 to 5 sheets of lasagna in the pot and let boil for 4 to 5 minutes.
- With a flat utensil try to fish each lasagna sheet without breaking.
-  Lay on the wet towel away from each other as per photo.
-  Meanwhile heat enough oil to fry the lasagna.
-  Cut each sheet crosswise as in picture.
-  Add 4 to 5 uncooked sheets of lasagna to boil.
-  In the meantime fry the lasagna strips in batches so that they don't stick to each other both sides till golden.
-  Take out from the oil, and lay on kitchen paper to absorb any extra oil. Add salt or any other seasoning immediately. I use fajita seasoning brought in from the U.S.
-  Your lasagna will be ready to take out of the water.
-  Lay on wet towel, away from each other and cut into strips.
-  And so on till you have boiled, cut in strips, fried all the lasagna you need.
-  I will leave it up to you to coordinate the heating of the oil so it does burn.
-  They are great when eaten within 3 hours of frying.

My advise to you is to make the whole box, they go fast especially when you have two or three different dips.

You can season each batch differently. Say...chili powder...cumin powder...garlic salt...whatever you can think of.

*  Use a towel which you are sure the dye does not come off when something hot is set on it because I had red and pink squares printed on the lasagna which came in contact with the towel.!


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