Carrot And Sweet Potato Puree

Carrots are very good for you. Bugs Bunny eats them and you see how clever he is!!....

-  10 large carrots washed, peeled and thickly grated.
-  1 large sweet potato washed, peeled and cut.
-  1 Tbsp. roughly ground cumin seeds.
-  ½ Tbsp. freshly ground coriander.
-  Salt and pepper.
-  Enough water to cover the grated carrots and sweet potato.

-  Add enough water in a pot to cover the grated carrots and sweet potato.
-  Add cumin, coriander, salt to the water and let it boil.
-  As soon as it boils throw in the above and cook covered until carrots and sweet potato are tender, and can be mashed.
-  Strain well.
-  Mash with potato masher as much as possible.
-  Puree with hand held processor.
-  When you see that there are no pieces left, transfer onto a cheese cloth.
-  Twist cheese cloth from one side, and in the opposite direction from the other. You need four hands to do this.  As much of the carrot and potato liquid must be extracted otherwise the puree will be too soft and runny.

-  When you obtain the final pulp doctor it any way you like with some cream, butter, or milk to make a thick, tasty mixture. Add pepper and salt to taste.
-  Serve hot on a plate with other veggies if you have as in picture below.



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