Recession!!...Emergency Actions....

During a recession we should be glad to have certain things such as  flour, breadcrumbs, eggs, pasta, rice, some meat, pulses when flour, breadcrumbs and eggs are used to coat chicken drumsticks for example, whatever flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs are left behind, are not thrown away but used to make something edible and somewhat nice.  What I am really trying to say is that we should always be truly thankful to God Who gives us our daily bread.

 This concoction is made by adding the remains of the beaten eggs with whatever flavoring used in them, together with the flour and the rosemary breadcrumbs to make a thick mixture. Flatten it, and fry it both sides in a hot pan with oil on it. Put on it whatever else you want and keep it in the fridge. Somebody will nibble at it till it is time to eat lunch or dinner. (Maybe that's why we are all getting FAT!!)



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