Kiddie Sweet...The Little Ones Will Love It

Sometimes the sugar level in your blood is low and you need to raze it. Or, you are having children over to play with your kids so you want to make something real quick and easy...
You will need:-  Two  packets of Petit Beurre biscuits.
-  100 gr dark kitchen chocolate.
-  100 gr white chocolate.
-  200 gr 35% fresh cream.
-  Thinly sliced almonds.
-  Arrange 9 petit beurre biscuits on a rectangular cake base on a  cookie sheet lined with baking paper as in picture below.  
-  Make a ganache by melting the dark kitchen chocolate with the white in the fresh cream using a bain marie.
-  Once the mixture is homogenous turn off the heat and the bain marie. Omit the bowl from the vapor.
-  Let cool until the chocolate mixture is not very fluid.
-  Cover the first layer of petit beurre biscuits with a layer of ganache
-  Go on by covering with another layer of petit beurre biscuits.
-  Use up all your ganache and biscuits by ending with a layer of ganache.
-  Sprinkle some thin slices of almonds on surface.
-  Refrigerate for ½ hour.
Serve by cutting squares.


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