Creamed Spinach....Another Delicious Side Dish

We all know that spinach is very good for you eaten in any way. One of the ways is creamed.....

You will need:
-  1 kg of fresh and washed baby spinach.
-  100 gr flour.
-  100 gr butter.
-  250 gr fresh 35% cream.
-  Milk as needed to make a thick béchamel sauce.
-  ½ tsp. nutmeg.
-  Salt and pepper to taste.
-  Cook spinach in some water until wilted.
-  Chop and press between the palm of your hands until all liquids are drained.
For the béchamel:
-  Melt butter and heat until bubbly.
-  Add flour and stir till slightly cooked.
-  Add all cream and stir to homogenize.

-  Stir.  Béchamel will be thick.
-  Add milk as needed to homogenize keep stirring.
-  Béchamel produced must be thick.
-  Add nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste.
For the creamed spinach:
-  Add pressed and dried chopped
/cooked spinach to béchamel and mix very well till you get a good homogenized mixture.
Keep warm.
Enjoy as a side dish with grilled steak, salmon, or chicken


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