The Ultimate Most Delicious Side Dish....Glazed Button Onions

Ok everybody the Final Countdown Has Arrived. Today we start counting from 5 going to 4 tomorrow, to 3 after tomorrow and so on till we arrive to Zero and that will be the end of my daily posting. After that I will write at my leisure.
This is one unbelievably delicious dish which goes very well with braised Pork Tenderloin (filet) with its wine porcini mushrooms and mashed potatoes....
You will need:
Serves 4 - 6
-  Enough button onions to fill the bottom of your pan with only one layer. There must be no overlapping otherwise they will not glaze equally. In my case 72 button onion.
-  3 Tbsp. good fresh butter. One tablespoon for every 24 button onions.
-  ¼ tsp. salt.
-  1 tsp. brown sugar.
-  30 cm pan.
-  water enough to cover onion.
-  Combine onions, butter, sugar and salt in the pan.
-  Add the water just enough to cover onions.
-  Let boil till all the water evaporates so as to cook the onions.

- Lower heat and keep moving the onions without touching them till they glaze or else they will break open .
-  Keep shaking the pan frontwards and backwards till all the onions are glazed all around to the degree you like without burning them. ( I like them slightly burnt).

-  The whole operation takes at least 1 hour.
Enjoy them with braised meat and mashed potatoes.
Eat them for lunch a day you are not expecting to go out....


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