Pancakes Stuffed With Florinis Peppers And Scrambled Eggs...A Starter

Yep! Today is Final Countdown No. 3.  The global economy is not helping the entertainment industry very much. The various cuts in salaries, benefits etc. is making everybody "tighten their belts" to the point of asphyxiation.  Therefore restaurant and catering owners have to come up with different ways of preparing tasty, presentable dishes with the strictest minimum cost so as to come out ahead at the end of the day....
Together we shall prepare today a nice Appetizer which would be quite acceptable and very tasty. Common every-day breakfast type of European style pancakes (thin and medium in diameter) filled with a concoction of beaten eggs, Florinis sweet red peppers (very similar to the Spanish, onion, and some garlic all cooked together to fill the pancake folded and served into an cone-like triangular shape.You will need:
Serves 4 - 2 each
-  8 frozen pancakes bought from supermarket thawed or prepared at home.
-  4 large eggs beaten.
-  30 gr of fresh butter.
-  2 Florinis sweet and roasted red peppers from a jar also from supermarket cut into fine strips.

Fresh Florinis (Piquillo) red sweet pepper
Roasted Florinis (Piquillo) red sweet pepper

-  1 small onion cubed very small.
-  1 clove garlic minced.
-  ¼ bunch parsley minced very small for decoration.
-  2 small hard boiled eggs to be broken up very small and mixed with the parsley above for the decoration.
-  Salt and pepper to taste.
-  Preheat your oven to 150 degrees and heat your pancakes while cooking the egg,onion, garlic, sweet pepper mixture.
-  Heat fresh butter into a pan till melted.
-  Add onion and garlic, Florinis peppers and stir fry for a minute over high heat.
-  Add beaten eggs. Push in rim of cooked eggs towards the center, giving space for new beaten egg to take its place to cook.  Repeat by pulling cooked eggs from another part of the pan towards the center, giving space for more uncooked beaten egg to take its place until all the beaten eggs are cooked;.
-  Transfer onto a cutting board where egg, onion, garlic, sweet peppers mixture  could be cut up in small pieces.
-  Divide egg mixture between the heated pancake.
-  Fold round pancake in two to make half a circle, then again to make a quarter of a circle (cone type shape).
-  Spoon some parsley/hard boiled egg mixture over each folded pancake .
Serve and enjoy as a starter or even for breakfast, or for something light dinner-time.


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