Salsa...Not The Dance

Caution: Very Spicy Hot!!

Ingredients For Our Salsa - You See The Long Greek Chilies..
There are many things I don't know. I have this great urge to learn and share them with you. Like "Salsa" for example. I don't mean Salsa the Latin dance or the Greek salsa which means a sauce of any kind , I mean Salsa used with Mexican food.  Today I am going to learn how to make it which I know is very easy and I am sure many of you guys out there especially people of Alaska and the rest of United States know how to make. for salsa...
Chelsie Kenyon with Guide just taught me and I am going to share it with you and it goes like this:
You will need:
Makes 3 - 4 cups depending on how many of each ingredient you use.
-  1 - 2 Greek chilies chopped very small. Can be replaced by 2 Green Bell Peppers.
-  5 - 6 tomatoes with no seeds chopped very small.
-  ½ white onion cut up in small cubes.
-  4-5 cloves of garlic chopped very small.
-  1 bunch just cilantro leaves chopped.
-  1 Tbsp. lemon juice.
-  1 tsp. salt not more because salsa is used with other foods which have their salt content already.
-  Combine chilies, tomato, white onion,cilantro, garlic, lemon juice and salt and mix very well to get a homogenous mixture.

Photo Courtesy Of Chelsie Kenyon From About.Com Guide
Serve with tortilla chips, on nachos, tacos, chili con carne and any other Mexican dish you may have. In fact you can use salsa on any dish from around the world.


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