The Salsa Is Going To Become A Salsa!!...

We have finally learned how to make a Mexican salsa. This salsa is basically made of fresh vegetables. My fridge is full so is my freezer (don't know till when)  what can I do with the extra salsa...

If we were having a huge Mexican party Ok but.... we are not. So I filled a large jar with salsa and added olive oil at the top to keep from going bad for as long as possible. The balance will be made into a fantastic tomato sauce. It's on the stove now.
You will therefore need the following items for this tomato sauce which will be put in small containers and try to fit into the deep freeze.
-  Same ingredients as for the Salsa recipe of December 4th.
-  ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil enough to cover the bottom of a large sauce pan.
-  ½ Tbsp. oregano.
-  Make salsa.
-  Heat oil in saucepan.
-  Add whatever salsa is left into the hot oil after keeping some in a jar if you wish.
-  Stir fry everything as per picture.
-  Add ½ Tbsp. oregano stir.
-  Lower heat to minimum, cover and simmer for 1¼ hours. Checking for liquids every now and then and giving the sauce a little stir.
-  When you see the oil separated from the sauce it is ready.

-  Turn off heat, cover, and let cool.
-  When cooled completely divide into two small containers and deep freeze till needed.
This is a very good "do ahead" step.
Thank you for  reading,
Have a good day.


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