Pink Home MadeTagliatelle Served With Home Made Pesto

Some days you wake up from the correct side of the bed and sometime you wake up from the wrong. apparently I woke up from the correct side. Why do I say that?? Because the pink pasta I made came out perfect and would like to share with you exactly what I did for them to come out so good...

I began with 575 gms. pasta and ended up with the same weight in ready to boil Tagliatelle..  There were no losses. 
You will need.
Serves 5 - 6
-  500 gr all purpose flour.
-  4 medium sized eggs weighing from 53 to 63 gr per egg.
-  1 egg yolk of the same weight eggs.
-  ¼ cup scant beetroot juice. Meaning ¼ cup minus a little bit.
-  Pinch of salt.
-  Mixer with the "S"attachment.

-  Mix flour with the 4 eggs, the yolk, and the salt on low speed till the eggs and the flour roughly mix.
-  Add the beetroot juice and increase the speed a little.
-  As the paste begins to unify, increase speed and you will see that a beetroot juice gave a general pink, salmon color to the paste.
-  Increase speed to medium high and hold the mixer with the weight of your body (that 's what I have to do) so it does not end up on the other side of the kitchen!! This is where you are supposed to laugh!
-  Mix for at least 10 minutes until you are sure that the pink color is uniform and there are no white spots.
-  Collect paste, pat it into a ball shape, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate to let it rest and somewhat "prove" for about ½ hour.
-  Get your pasta machine ready, your work space ready with sprinkled flour all over it.
-  Cut a piece of the paste and start passing through the widest space between the rollers of the pasta machine.  Continue by decreasing the space between the rollers, until you reach a couple of notches before the end. The resulting tagliatelle must not be too thin or too thick.-  Once you have prepared all your flat pieces of pasta which you could use for lasagna, let them dry on the floured work surface.

-  Now, take each flat piece and run it through the wide cutter to make the tagliatelle or noodles. Taking each batch to a floured platter. As you drop them on the platter work through with your fingers to loosen up.   When finished let dry for about an hour.
-  Proceed to cook in lots of salted boiling water till they all come to the surface about 5-6 minutes.

-  Drain, serve in a nice pasta plate topped with tablespoons of home made pesto (my post dated April 7th
2011).  Enjoy this home made pasta made with beetroot juice.  Stelio


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