Cuttlefish With Onions....Something Simple And Tasty

Baby Cuttle Fish Before Separating The Tentacles.
Since the weather is very cold in Greece, let us stay on the subject of the sea and what comes out it...makes lots of sense no?? We have had cuttlefish before but never in this manner. So I would like to share with you this simple but tasty recipe which goes like this...
You will need:
Serves 3-4
-  1 kg frozen baby cuttlefish, thawed, and washed, tentacles separated from the bodies.
-  4 - 5 spring onions, chopped.
-  1- 2 onions cut in medium slices and separated into rings.
-  1-2 leeks depending on size cut the white part only in strips.
-  Olive oil.
-  Salt and freshly ground pepper.
-  3-4 Habanero chilies whole for decoration and to eat if desired.
-  ¼ cup dry white wine.
-  Fry in very hot olive oil the cuttlefish bodies until they are well browned all over and season while hot with the salt and pepper.  Set aside.
-  Fry the tentacles separately removing any extra liquid from the pan and season with salt and pepper while still hot and set aside.
-  In a separate pan, fry the spring onions, onion rings and leek strips add the white wine, and let fry till the alcohol evaporates and they are soft but still crunchy.
Serving Suggestion:
-  Divide the various vegetables into three to four plates.
-  Top with a few bodies and an equal quantity of  tentacles.
Note: When baby cuttlefish are cooked they become even smaller than what they already are so you might say that each bite is one cuttlefish with tentacles.
Enjoy !!


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