Bain Marie (Pyrex Bowl With Lid)
Karahi For Indian Cooking
Good morning my friends! Hope you have a nice week end ...we are well into autumn and the weather is getting cooler by the day. I prefer the cold since I tend to have more ideas on cooking cold weather foods as opposed to summer, Boy I tell you!! I really had a problem this past summer trying to find light meals and salads because I like none of them. I love calories!! Greasy food!! Fat!! You would say Yech!! but in the 7 billion people around this globe there must be other people like me!! Not that I am looking down upon you guys, my friends and relatives but that's me and that is why I like gives me an opportunity to express my feelings, my likes, dislikes. It relaxes me. God only know how much relaxation I need...... I just would like to share with you, how so very important it is to have the right equipment. There still are a few other things I need but slowly I'll get there.  People say"The first 100 years in one's life are the most difficult". The only thing I don't have and I do not think I will ever have, is a large enough kitchen similar to a blogger friend who writes about "Le Memorie Di Angelina". Frank, the publisher, is a lawyer by day and a cook by night. He just moved in his new home and into one heck of a kitchen which he exposed in one of his posts....

So I hope you are enjoying looking at this equipment which in my humble opinion are required to prepare good food. I am proud to say that I have entertained and cooked for, thirty people in my veranda in August of 2010 when we threw a party for our 29th wedding anniversary. We were thinking of the Crisis then and said better make in 2010 who knows what will happen in 2011.  Just have a look at my pictures and maybe take some ideas if you wish.
Thank you for your attention,

Perfect For Baked Foods And
Roasted Meats
Cake Probe To Check For Doneness
Egg Cutter.
Grapefruit Knife.
Oven Proof Skillet High Temperature Resistance.
Bedouin Tea Pot
Meat Syringe For Liquid Curing
Meat Syringe
Cubing Potatoes.
Cake Mold

Cake Mold
Felafel Patty Maker

Fill The Empty Space With Felafel Mix To Form Small Pattie

Bain Marie / Old Models Double Boilers

Burner for Creme Brulée
Equipment To tie a Stuffed Roast & Hand Held Blender In The Back Ground.

6 Muffin Mold
Indian Tandoori Oven

Wok With Lid

Chinese Vegetable Steamer

Different Type Wok

Rectangular Mold
Electric Smoker.

Spring Type Mold
Carving Knife
Our Balcony.


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