Thai Rice Vermicelli Guisado...Thai / Filippino Blend

Today we decided to have a Filipino dish called "Pancet Guisado" . Pancet is a type of Filipino noodle, and Guisado means stew (in Espanish). Since we could not find Pancet, we bought Thai Rice Vermicelli, which is a Thai type of very thin pasta made from rice flour. So we blended both the Guisado of chicken (stew of chicken) and the Thai  rice vermicelli and called it " Thai rice vermicelli guisado ".

We have some good friends living in Vermont, U.S.A. fact they lived in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt just about the time when we were living there, who will probably enjoy this dish and notice what I mean by vermicelli.  This dish goes like this:
You will need:
-  750 gr of chicken breast cut in cubes.
-  6 Carrots thinly sliced diagonally.
-  3 Green bell peppers thinly sliced.
-  3 Celery stalks cut into small pieces.
-  4 Green onions sliced.
-  4 Cloves of garlic thinly sliced.
-  200 gr green beans frozen but thawed.
-  3 cups water + 1 cube chicken stock.
-  ½ cup soy sauce.
-  500 Thai Rice Vermicelli.
-  Fry garlic in oil till aroma fill the air.
-  Add cubed chicken and stir fry.

-  Add carrots stir fry for a minute till medium soft.
-  Add green peppers stir fry and mix in.
-  Add celery stir fry and mix well. 
-  Add green beans stir fry and mix
-  Add spring onions stir fry and mix.
-  Add ½ cup soy sauce and mix well
-  Add  hot chicken stock and mix.
 -  Simmer the lot for about 10 minutes till carrots and green beans are tender but still crunchy and chicken is cooked.

For the Thai Rice Vermicelli:
-  While cooking the above, soak in hot water and untangle. When soft, drain and transfer to a big serving bowl.
-  When the chicken guisando is ready pour on top of the rice vermicelli.

Enjoy with a beer of your choice.


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