Home Made Pasta III...Ravioli

Ok you all had an introductory course in Home Made Pasta I dated April 4th 2011, Home Made Pasta II dated April 5th 2011 on the many uses of fresh flat pasta. Now we shall work together on another use of fresh home made pasta to make Ravioli.
To make ravioli you first need to make the filling. I chose this time to make a spinach, cottage cheese, parmezan filling.
To make the filling:
-  500 gms of frozen spinach thawed and very well drained from all its juices.
-  220 gms of cottage cheese.
-  1/3 cup freshly grated parmezan cheese.
-  Some oil. 

-  Heat oil in a skillet and add spinach.  Disperse spinach.
-  Add cottage cheese. With a fork cut cottage cheese into the spinach.
-  Mix well.
-  Add the parmezan. Mix.
-  With vertical hand blender blend all the three ingredients to form a single soft mixture. /set aside.

To make the ravioli:
 -  Go to Part I of this post and see the equipment needed .
 -  Keep pasta dough in the fridge for 15 minutes to rest.
 -  Make thin and flat pieces of pasta.
-  Powder your working surface well and set the flat pieces of pasta .-  Take spoonfuls of the stuffing and set on the flat pasta.
-  Cover with another piece of flat pasta.
-  Using the square and round cutter make the respective ravioli.
 -  Press well so the upper and lower flat pieces of pasta seal well the entrapped spinach stuffing.

Mini Balls Of Ravioli
-  Set the made ravioli on a floured plate till the dough and the stuffing is finished.
-  Cook the ravioli immediately or can wait till next day.
-  Boil for just a few minutes till you see that they are done.  (  Taste one)
-  Strain with a slotted spoon onto a platter.

Boiled Ravioli And Odd Pieces Of Unused  Flat Pasta Sprinkled With Parmesan

-  Pour some brown butter on top,  parmezan cheese, and fresh sage.

Simply delicious.



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