The Indian / Pakistani Version Of Pasta E Fagioli......Different

Chickpeas and pasta cooked the Indian / Pakistani way is delicious especially for some of you who like the taste of mild curry, garam masala, yogurt, coriander, mango powder, cumin, and fresh ginger. Here is how I made this personal concoction because I just love these tastes.
You will therefore need,
Serves 4
-  200 gms of chickpeas soaked overnight and cooked tender.
-  1 medium onion roughly chopped.
-  5 cloves of garlic sliced.
-  1½ inches of fresh ginger root brunoise.
-  2 tsp. mild ready made curry powder.
-  1 tsp. mango powder.
-  1 tsp. powdered dry coriander.
-  1 tsp. cumin seeds.
-  1 tsp. garam masala.

-  2 Tbsp. marinated green olives.
-  ½ lemon cubed rind and all.
-  2 Tbsp. Greek Thick Yogurt.
-  Olive oil.
-  100 gms. of cut up dry noodle pasta.
-  1 litre of chick pea boiling juice and water.
-  Salt and Pepper to taste.
-  Heat enough oil to cover the base of a deep pan
-  Stir fry the onions, garlic and ginger till they are soft.
-  Sprinkle curry, dry coriander powder, cumin seed, mango powder and stir fry with the onion, garlic and ginger.
-  Add chick peas, marinated green olives, cubed lemon  and stir fry altogether for 10 minutes.
-  Add the pasta and stir fry for 2 - 3 minutes.
-  Add the liter of hot liquid mix.
-  Let simmer uncovered till the pasta absorbes the water and cooks.
-  Add the garam masala,stir and mix.
-  Add the yogurt, stir and mix.
-  Turn off heat till it is time to serve.
-  Serve in a breakfast bowl.


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