Sauce Piperade

Sauce Piperade: A sauce typical of the Basque area far-most southwest of France on the border with Spain below the Atlantic Pyrenees.
- 1 Red bell peppers.
- 1 Yellow bell Greeen peppers.
- 1 Green bell peppers.
- 1 Orange bell peppers.
- Enough olive oil to cover a large sauce pan.
- 500 gms of grated tomatoes with juice.
- 1 tsp. sugar.
- 2 big basil leaves very finely cut with mezzaluna.

Mezzaluna Means In Italian Half Moon.

- Salt and pepper.
- ½ clove garlic very finely minced.
- ½ chili pepper, finely cut (optional).
- Combine all the ingredients and cook for 15 minutes in a medium low heat covered. Let cool uncovered.
- Add salt to taste and maybe some chili (optional).


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