Koko-ret-si ........Pieces Of Lamb Ofal Marinated In Oregano, Thyme, and Juniper Wrapped With Intestine

Greek Kokoretsi
Kokoretsi Courtesy Of Google

Fifty days ago was Easter Sunday. Today is Pentecost.  I propose something completely Greek which is eaten in what the Greeks call P s i s t a r i é s, taverns where everything is cooked on charcoal (lamb, pork, beef, kebabs, chicken etc.). Kokoretsi  can be eaten anytime of the year. However, during the Easter period (Spring) when lambs are young, Kokoretsi is very good and lean. Basically I eat it once or maximum twice a year during Easter.
Lots of charcoal needs 1½ hours to properly light, becomes grey...not too hot.  Only then you can either start grilling or barbecuing.
Kokoretsi is a typical Greek appetizer. It is not to be eaten as the main course.
The following video will show you, in Greek, how to make a Kokoretsi, courtesy of You Tube, on Google. Some of you who do not know Greek will enjoy the pictures and maybe the music. It comes from the north west of Greece, Epiros...typically mountain music.  Those of you who can read Greek, will feel the nostalgia for the home country as well as get first hand information on how to make one.
Please follow the link to view the video.
I also can explain to you how to make one because I have made it many years ago but I should warn you that it is a pain in the neck and to tell you the truth I have never made it since.
Anyway you can try anything once and, in this case, if not at all I wouldn't blame you!!
I however feel obliged to blog and share with you our culture and one of the classic Greek appetizers.
For 1 meter's worth you will need:
Serves minimum 12
-  2 sets of lamb offal such as liver, spleen, heart, lungs.
-  3 sets of lamb's small intestine.
- Oregano, thyme, salt, lots of pepper, chilli pepper powder, ground juniper seeds, and lemon juice.
-  Cut offal in 4 inches in diameter, wash well with plenty of fresh water. Strain, and dry.  Marinate with oregano, thyme etc.
-  In the meantime wash the intestines.  Unfortunately this is the most "difficult" part of the whole process.  The intestines MUST be extremely well washed with running water.  You wash them by running the water through them either by putting a special adaptor on your kitchen faucet similare to the one in the video, or by putting the end of the intestine in the thiner part of the funnel and have the water run though.  This process must be done until the water coming out is as clear and odorless as the water running through it.
-  Once you are sure the intestines are clean,  get a roasting spit where the kokoretsy will be made and thread alternative pieces of the offal...one piece of heart, then one piece of liver, then one piece of lung, spleen, and so on until all your offal is finished.
-  Then you will have to use the intestine to wind and contain all the ofal inserted on the skewer.
-  Place on the charcoal, sear it, then barbecue it for around 3 hours away from the charcoal.
-  When ready, no more juices will come out of the kokoretsi, the color will be dark-brown, and the intestine will be crisp.
-  Serve as an appetizer with mustard, Greek salad, French fries, and retsina, the Greek resinated wine.
Kokoretsi Not Yet Barbecued
Searing Kokoretsi

Barbecuing Kokoretsi Away From The Charco
Note: You can buy them ready at your butcher whom you trust....No fuss!!


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