Feta On Lettuce Wrap....Cool!

With this heat one cannot eat anything except cold right out of the fridge fresh vegetables with some protein...Feta...or if you prefer low fat Ricotta or cottage cheese.
  And Athens hasn't hit the 40's yet.  The walls are still cool from the outside.  When they get hot from the inside that's when we will in troubl with airconditioners running 24/7.
I would like to share with you, a fantastic lunch we had today. We had Feta cheese wrapped with lettuce. To make this most refreshing lunch....
You will need:
Serves 1 person
-  6 large lettuce leaves right out of the fridge, double washed in  running water, and put upright in a colander to drain.
-  Feta cheese or cottage cheese.
-  1 big tomato, also right out of the fridge, washed well, cut in wedges with extra virgin olive oil on it.
-  Black pepper.
-  2 Slices of Rye bread. Not square bread, a regular loaf.
-  Lay one big lettuce leaf on your plate, put your piece of fetta, a drizzle of olive oil, a couple of turns of the pepper thingy.
-  Set another lettuce leaf on top, and somehow, the best you can, wrap and put straight into your mouth. It is so cold it almost hurts the teeth!!  And cooling.
-  You go ahead and make yourself another two of these wraps if you wish.
-  The tomato by now has shed all its liquids into the oil, you put your bread cut in bite size pieaces into the tomato/oil juice and let the bread suck in all that fantastic juice. Deeeeeeelicious!!!!!!!

-  And this was lunch!!
-  Then a little "siesta" of 20 minutes to half an hour in a cool place in your veranda, and you will be ready for a Saturday night out around town with your better half!!
Happy digestion!!


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