Kofta Kebabs...Greek Way

The Skewer Needs To Be Flat About One Centimeter Wide
So The Resulting Kofta Is Flat And Cookes Easier. 

Kofta Kebab is very oriental, very Arab, and deliciously Egyptian.
In fact this is one of the things I miss most from living in Egypt.
When in Egypt and you decide to go to eat Kebab you are actually going to be eating three types of Kebab mixed in one platter over lots of parsley. The first is Kofta Kebab, the second is Riash Kebab which are basically lamb cuttlets grilled the kebab way, and Kebab Kebab which are pieces of clean lamb meat but sometimes with fat on them (most delicious) also grilled the kebab way. 
The Egyptians must have a secret way of marinating and grilling this basically unknown type of meat they are using which has no equal.  I heard they sometimes put camel meat in the Kofta mixture. God only knows and by God nobody ever fell sick from eating this Kebab in Egypt.
During the years I've been away from Egypt, I always tried to find a way to prepare Kofta Kebab similar to the Egyptians and never made it.  Recently I experimented with the Kofta Kebab and succeeded to come close to the ones made in Greece which are good enough.

Sorry There Is Only One: The Other Two Were Eaten !

You will therefore need:
Serves 4 -6
-  1 kg of ground beef or half and half mixed with lamb.You may have to grind the lamb meat at home since butchers usually refuse to mince it in front of you lest their grinding machine gets "dirty" grinding other than pork or beef.
-  5 cloves of garlic.
-  1 cup bread crumbs.
-  2 whole eggs.
-  1 cup grated cheese (Gouda, Irish Regato, Cheddar).
-  Olive oil.
-  Salt and black pepper.
- Add all the above ingredients in a kitchen multi blender, mix and blend until the meat mixture becomes a paste.
-  Take a little quantity in one hand and a FLAT sqewer on the other and wrap the meat mixture paste on the skewer as in photo only I don't have any flat skewers I need to make some.
-   Coat with some oil and let stand for a couple of hours covered with plastic foil in the fridge.
-  Grill on a very hot kitchen stove grill till you see a clear liquid oozing out of the meat.
Serve with Tzatziki (yogurt mix a previous recipe of mine), onion rings, grilled hot chili, and grilled tomato on heated pita bread.
N.B. You can put the pita bread over the kebabs while  they are being grilled.
Absolutely Marvelous ! With ice cold beer...


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