"Tandoori" Turkey...North India.

Fig. 1  Tandoori Mix Paste.
Fig. 2   Turkey Breast Pieces
with Lemon Juice and Salt.
Fig.3  Tandoor Without Cover
Made Out Cllay

Fig.4  Tandoor With Cover

Fig. 5   Basmati Rice Soaked in Water
For 30 Minutes Prior To Bloiling.

Fig. 6   Basmati Rice Boiled In Lots Of
Water Till Done, Strained, Returned
To Pot With Butter mixed with Fresh

Fig.   7  Turkey Pieces Cooked In The Tandoor, Covered
In Max Heated Oven For 45 Minutes. Uncover And
Keep In Oven Till Serving Time

 Mridula Baljekar says in her "Curry Lover's" Cook Book Copyright by Anness Publishing Ltd 2003 page 39 in her chapter on North India quoting "Punjab, in northern India, is the home of tandoori food.  The tandoor, or clay oven, originated in Egypt and found its way into India with the Moguls.  It is probably the most versatile oven in the world, capable of roasting, grilling and baking all at the same time."
The dish I would like to share with you today is Tandoori Turkey.
Your will need:
Serves 4 -6
-  1 kg of Turkey breast with no skin randomly cut in pieces.
-  Juice of  two lemons
-  4 heap tsp. of  Sharwood's or any other tandoori mix powder.

-  2 Tbsp. yogurt, oil or butter ghee,  lemon, and vinegar.
-  Tandoor as shown in Fig. 3 and 4.
-  Mix well the yogurt, oil, lemon, vinegar the Tandoori mix powder until you obtain a paste as shown in Fig. 1.
-  Add Tandoori mixture paste to turkey cut pieces as shown in Fig. 2. Marinate for about 2 hours. If longer refrigerate.
-  Put the tandoor under running cold water and leave for a while until the clay absorbs the coolness.
-  Empty the water, add the marinated turkey pieces, cover and put in lowest level of your oven preheated to max temperature for 45 minutes.  Open oven, uncover, turn off oven, and let stand in the oven with door closed for another 15 minutes.
-  Serve the tandoor at table with oven gloves.
In the meantime:
-  You have soaked 500 grms of Basmati rice in cold water as in fig. 5,  cooked in plenty of boiling water for about 7 minutes or until the rice was cooked to your taste. Strained. Returned to pot, added some butter, and fresh, chopped coriander, mixed and covered using a kitchen towel as in fig. 6.
-  Serve the Tandoori Turkey with the rice, lemon slices, and onion slices.
Squeeze lemon over your rice and you will discover a whole new fantastic taste.  A plain lettuce salad would be very refreshing.


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