Cheese & Bacon Pie (BASTERMA) Can Be Used......A Light Entrée

Fig. 2 Add 6 Slices Of Any
Soft Cheese Used For Grilled

Fig.4 Fold Stuffed Pastry Three Fold
Not Forgetting To Brush With Egg Each
Time You Fold. Seal Both Sides.
Fig.5 Place Folded Pie Which Has Been
Brushed With Egg All Over In A
Baking Paper* Lined Oven Dish.

FiG. 1 One Sheet Of Putt Pastry
30 cms.Wide By 40 cms Long.

Fig.3 Add 8 Slices Of Smoked Bacon
As Shown Above.

Fig.6 Baked In 200 Degree C
Oven For 1 Hour.

Fig.7 Side View

A light entrée to an elaborate meal is always welcome. The cheese and bacon pie would be ideal for this occasion.
You will need:
Serves 4
-  One sheet of puff pastry 30 cms wide by 40 cms long.
- 6 slices of Gouda, Edam, Cheddar or any other melty cheese you wish.
- 8 slices of smoked bacon.
- 1 egg beaten.
- Pepper. No salt needed because the bacon and the cheese are already salty.
- As shown in Fig. 1,2, and 3, leave the puff pastry on its wrapping foil so it would be easier to handle and lay the cheese, the bacon and brush with egg. Grind some pepper all over.
- As shown in Fig. 4, fold the puff pastry from the narrow side threefold, making sure that every time you fold you brush with egg. Seal both ends.
- Once folded, make a few holes with a fork to let the steam out during cooking and bake at 200 degrees C for 30 minutes at the lowest level of your oven and another 30 minutes at the highest level till it takes a beautiful brownish color.
Note:  The pie is not precut into portions like the previous ones in this blog, because we do not want the cheese to melt out of the pastry. 
- Let cool 15 minutes.
- Proudly transport to table.  Once your guests and you have admired your work, cut four equal pieces with a sharp and pointed knife.
Suggested wine: Start with the wine you will be continuing your meal with.
Note to my non-pork eating friends - Sikaner!: Instead of bacon, you can use shredded chiken, or BASTERMA OR PASTOURMA (found in Greece, Turkey, and Arab countries.  It is not pork. and it is not Pastrami found in the United States.)
* Baking paper:


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