Sauce No.16 For Pasta.........Surprise!!

Although the Chinese invented spaghetti, the Italians really know how to eat it in all styles and ways! The simplest way and I really mean the simplest is with just plain good, unsalted fresh butter and freshly grated parmezan, if you wish. Pasta can be eaten without parmezan you know. Parmesan or any other grated cheese is not a prerequisite for pasta. You can eat pasta without chesse. It is all a matter of taste. As they say in French: "Les goûts et les clouleurs ne se discutent pas".  (look under g). So, one evening you have absolutely nothing in your pantry or fridge to make a sauce with then you can use fresh butter as follows:
You will need:
-  100 gms of spaghetti
-  20 gms of good quality fresh butter.
-  Boil the spaghetti in l liter of boiling water as per minutes marked on the box. Add salt to taste.
-  Strain, serve in a deep plate and add the piece of butter on top and let it melt by the heat of the spaghetti, mix with your fork. By melting the butter this way, it does not cook or burn and consequently is easily digested.
-  Add freshly grated cheese if you wish.
Important note:  Real spaghetti / pasta lovers who actually enjoy the taste of pasta,  like to eat it with no sauce at all.
Bon Appétit,


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