Beef Patties French Style......Henri style

Hello every one and greetings to my friends in the south west of France, a breath away from the Spanish border town of Fontarabia. So close that you can drive for Tapas and back for the evening news.
This recipe will be a quick one and belive you me it is delicious on one must use the recipe I posted on January 6th 2011, under the name "Beef Patties".
What I will share with you today is for people who like their beef pattie "RARE". Wow!! Who in the world would want his/her beef pattie rare?? Well my very good French/American friend Henri does. So my heart goes out to you Henri and here is how to do it.
You will need:
-  My recipe dated January 6th 2011.
-  When making the 150 - 200 gms patties, make sure you flatten them on the palm of your hand before you drop them on the very hot plancha, and then again with your fingers continue to press until they are about 1 cm thick. Wait for one minute then flip for another minute. Et voila!

-  If you do not want to light up the whole gas/charcoal grill because it is too cold outside, then you can just grill them on a non stick pan with "NOTHING"on it. One minute each side and that's it.

Bon Appétit


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