Standing Rib Roast On The Grill ....BBQPitBoys Style And Recipe

My respects to the BBQ Pit Boys ( By carefully watching their YouTube recipe I was able to nearly...
reproduce their standing rib roast on the grill. Well not exactly reproduce, because I am sure their quality of beef is far superior to ours and it may not be exactly the same cut ). It takes an American butcher to come to Greece and show our butcher what a prime rib, rib eye looks like. It probably is what I have here, I'm just guessing.  It took me a while, though,  to find out that the rib eye of a beef is commonly called in Greek  "spalo-brizola " coming from the top of the front legs of the animal. That's where you get marbling within the meat. This is a rich piece of meat...both in fat and money!!  However we paid 8.90 Euro per kilo. Total weight of the cut was 2,050 kg. Not bad if you think we bought it from the Central Meat Market of Athens, in Athinas street. While an American origin Black Angus rib eye beef would cost 36 Euro per kg in an independent butcher.

I went the extra mile to French trim the two protruding bones.

I used SPG (salt, pepper, garlic powder) to rub the meat with, and spiked with 5 half cloves of garlic. I did not have any celery or mushrooms but used baby potatoes instead of the mashed. The meal was guuuuuuuuud!!! (Expression used by the BBQ Pit Boys) It was beautifully cooked to an average internal temperature of 69 degrees C or 155 degrees F. It was first seared for half an hour at 250 degrees C ( 475 degrees F) then reduced the heat of the grill to 165 degrees C or 325 degrees F for 2 solid hours.

The veggies were cooked in the pan below the four legged grate used to keep the roast from touching the veggies and the beef stock in an indirect heat from charcoal.

Recipe is for 6 people. The bones (best part!!) go to the Pitmaster who sweated his neck off during the roasting!!!

  • 1 Rib roast weighing 2,050 kg including the bone. I asked the butcher to separate the bones from the roast but kept them on. It is always better to cook a piece of meat with its bone on.
  • 4-5 medium carrots cut 1 inch long. Cut in 4 length-wise then cut again to the desired length.
  • 2 onions cut in four and separated.
  • 300 gr of flat string beans.
  • 300 gr of pealed baby potatoes pre-boiled for about 5 minutes.
  • 1 liter of beef stock.
  • 1 Tbsp "Bisto" sauce granules.
  • SPG to taste. 


  • Season meat before attaching the bones back to the meat with butcher's twine. 

  • Season your veggies and add to the pan.

  • Add part of the beef stock.
  • Set your four legged grate in the pan over the veggies.

  • Set your roast on the grate.

  • Light charcoal in your chimney, wait until all the charcoal turns gray with ash.

  • Add your charcoal to only one side of  the grill, full throttle with the bottom and upper vents open.

  • Preheat your kettle grill to 250 degrees C or 500 degrees F.
  • Open your grill-cover just long enough to set your pan with the roast and the veggies opposite the charcoal (for indirect grilling) and to add some more beef stock.

  • Close  lid.
  • Roast for 30 minutes.
  • When time is up, open the lid long enough for the temperature to fall to 165 degrees C 325 degrees F.
  • By controlling the opening of the bottom and upper vents keep the temperature at 165 degrees C for two hours. 
  • When time is up take meat off the grill, set it on a triple layer of aluminum paper on your cutting board and wrap it completely, ( unfortunately we cannot find any heavy duty aluminum foil in Greece). The reason we do this is that the meat will continue to cook and the internal temperature will rise. If you prefer your meat to be rare do not wrap with the aluminum paper. Unwrap carefully to collect all juices which should  be added to the veggies pan.

  • Push the pan with veggies right on top of the lit charcoal, add the rest of the beef stock and let cook for about 20 minutes till your meat is ready to be sliced.

  • Once you are ready to eat, add the "Bisto" sauce granules to your veggies to thicken the sauce.  

Slice your meat into thin slices of roast beef, with a side serving of veggies, and sauce over the meat. Next time we shall make some Yorkshire pudding to go with the sauce.


Till next time


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