Scrambled Eggs With Spinach And Sausages

Man! This was one heck of a breakfast, well....brunch really. We all woke up with a big appetite. Since we are messing up our diets lately so we said let's totally do it!!
Serves 4 to 6

- 8 big whole eggs slightly beaten.
- ¼ cup cream.
-  2 cups raw baby spinach well washed and drained.
-  4-6 sausages cut in 1 inch slices.
-  1 cup of grated Gouda Cheese
-  1 cup of cottage cheese.
-  Some olive oil.
-  ½ onion very finely chopped.
-  2 sun dried tomatoes finely chopped.


-  Heat oil in a large non stick pan.
-  Add onion and stir-fry till transparent.
-  Add sun dried tomatoes.
-  Add sausages cook 2 minutes.

-  Add spinach until slightly wilted.

-  Add cheeses and stir.
-  Finally add slightly beaten eggs with cream beaten in them.
-  Twirl egg mixture and move around with a wooden spatula until just dried.

Try not to let the spinach spill its juices.  All of the above should be done quickly over high heat.

Serve scrambled eggs, still moist, with your favorite hot sauce and toasted bread triangles.

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