Flour-less Chocolate Cake With Cream And Berries...A Sweet, Springtime Delicacy

Three Minutes Afte Cake Came
Out Of The Oven.

Decorated Cake!!
Today is Sunday. A perfect day to bake a cake. I shall share with you one that was  prepared by The Delicious Sophie Dahl in one of her TV shows. Sophie is such a soft spoken person, so romantic during the presentation of her recipies that I am sitting  in front of the TV mesmerized by her fresh and innocent beauty.
So enough with the dreams and lets get cracking.
You will need:
- 300 gms of bitter chocolate 60% Cocoa.
- 225 grs. of caster sugar
- 6 eggs separated.
-  225 gms of butter.
-  2 tsp. of instant coffee
-  2 tsp. of liquid vanilla extract.
-  250 ml of boiling water.
-  125 gms of blueberries.
-  125 gms of blackberries.
-  250 gms of strawberries.
-  15 cumquats (my personal addition to the recipe).
-  1/2 kg of thick whipped cream.without sugar.
-  1 round mold 26 cms in diameter with expandable and removable side.
-  Using a multi kitchen blender, add the bitter chocolate 60% cocoa and the sugar and blend till they are well blended together.
-  Add egg yolks, butter, coffee, vanila,  and water, mix and blend on 2nd setting, then on 3rd for 2 - 3 minutes.
-  In the meantime beat egg whites till stiff, and fold in.
-  Pour in mold where bottom is covered with baking paper, and sides are well buttered.
-  Bake for 45 minutes at 180 degrees C.
-  Take out of oven, let cool, and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
-  Beat the cream into a thick chantilly, and cover the cake leaving a 1 inch rim around.
-  Top with strawberries, blueberreis, and rasberries in that order.
-  At last, add a few Cumquats around for color decoration.
Refrigerate till serving time.
When it is time to serve, run a silicon spatula around the edge to free it from the sides. Now you can pull the latch to open.
You can notice that this cake has no flour, baking soda or powder. It is the beaten egg yolks and whites that do all the work. However they act similar to a souffle.  When taken out of the oven, it deflates.
Once deflated  and very cold, it has a chewy fudge texture. This is the success of this cake.
Friends that have eaten it tell me that it is very light, pleasingly sweet, and refreshing.
Thank you Sophie!!
Served As A Birthday Cake!!


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