Black Eyed Peas And Cauliflower Vindaloo Curry.

I don't know what is wrong (or right) with me these days but I have the "hots" for curries!! Always, of course, staying on the main principles of my losing weight plan.

Today I fixed black eyed peas with crunchy cauliflower florets. They were excellent. Here's how....

Serves 4

-  300 gr black eyed peas washed and strained.
-  6 small cauliflower florets washed and strained.
-  2 Tbsp. olive oil.
-  1 big onion chopped.
-  4 big cloves of garlic sliced.
-  1 Tbsp. turmeric powder.
-  2 heaping tsp. of Vindaloo curry paste with tamarind and  chili.
-  2 boiling cups of water.
-  No salt.


-  Boil black eyed peas in water and turmeric till all water is evaporated and the black eyed peas cooked.
-  Add olive oil, onion and garlic and mix, stir, and cook for about 5 minutes on high heat.
-  Add curry paste. Mix well.

-  Add cauliflower florets and mix.

-  Add two cups of water, let boil, cover and simmer for another 5 minutes. The cauliflower should stay crunchy.

Serve hot and enjoy!


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