Best Batter For Frying Nile Perch

Nile Perch is readily found in Greece and it is a good fish to eat.  It is also cheap and can be very nicely cut into filets.

The following recipe is basically from my head.  The secret is the ice cold water. The batter is enough for 1200 gr. or 6 pieces.

You will need:

      -        ¼ cup corn meal
-         ¼ cup flour
-        ¼ cup corn flour
-        1 whole egg
-        ½ cup ice cold water
-        ½ tsp paprika (either smoked of not but not spicy hot)
-        1 tsp each of salt and pepper
-        1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

-         Beat everything together to a smooth batter.
-        Let stand covered with a plastic wrap for about half an hour in the fridge to let products mix and the bicarbonate to prove.
-        Lightly coat each piece of fish just before dropping into very hot oil.
-        Note:  Drain excess batter before dropping into hot oil.
-        If fish is thick, check with a fork to see if the fork can easily pierce the fish.
-        Remove from oil and drain excess oil on kitchen paper.
-        Serve with a mixture of Dijon mayonnaise and Dijon Mustard, a wedge of lime or lemon and finely chopped dill.


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