Sangria...A Most Misunderstood Drink!

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I am under the impression that Sangria is underrated and misconceived... that it is a drink made for parties where people want to get really sloshed and not remember anything next morning.

Sangria, made in a refined manner, can be very quenching and pleasantly tasty. Just don't have too much of it. Like everything else for that matter. I obtained the basic recipe from a friend of mine from Catalonia, Spain...but of course I used my imagination to create something different and delicious.  Never buy the ready made Sangria from the supermarket...always make your own so you know exactly what is in it....

Like all punches containing alcohol, when you drink Sangria you should exercise caution because it is very smooth and at some point during the evening it will creep up on you. Don't drink on an empty stomach.

In my opinion you should start with a good quality semi sweet or sweet red wine. Never add sugar because that will definitely hit you very quickly and wake up with a headache. The wine should be naturally sweet.
You will therefore need:
Makes more than 4 liters of Sangria Punch.
-  3 liters of good quality semi or sweet wine preferably already cold from the refrigerator and of the same name.
-  ½ liter of freshly pressed oranges.
-  ½ bottle of a good quality brandy ( Three Star Metaxa from Greece).
-  ¼ bottle of vodka.
-  1 cup of Luxardo Maraschino liqueur. 
-  3 oranges cut in small pieces.
-  2 apples cut in small pieces.
-  3 kiwis sliced.
-  1 lime sliced.
-  ½ liter of Sprite or 7Up or optionally 1 bottle of French Brut Champagne (if you want to get fancy).
-  Lots of ice cubes.
-  Mix everything together in a big punch bowl except the Sprite / 7 up or champagne.
-  Keep in fridge until time to serve.
-  When it is time, add ice cubes Sprite / 7UP / or Champagne.
Note: The Sprite / 7 UP or Champagne is added to make the Sangria Fizzy plus to give it extra taste.
Serve in a big punch bowl with the special punch ladle and any small glasses you may have.
Enjoy...and drive safely, slowly, with both hands on the steering wheel and both eyes on the road. No hanky panky!


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