Valentine's Dinner ....Last night

For Valentine's dinner we decided to stay home and I offered to prepare dinner from A to Z for my wife to show her how much I appreciate her her.  I didn't really have to twist her arm or anything : Maria  gladly and very quickly accepted!!
This is going to be very short because I would like to share with you two recipes I followed, at least I tried to follow, of two chefs I admire as my superiors in cooking.One recipe is the harder of the two: Sonia Peronaci's Heart cake: please open the link : and
Chef John's: Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Dried Cherries If you wish to make these recipes please follow the links.   I will just put up some pictures I took of the outcome of my first time attempt.  My writing on the cake is horrible (but it conveys the message) because the bleeding nozzle kept on blocking up on me from the hazel nuts specs. I could not find any pure hazel nut cream for cooking so I tried to mill the hazel nuts as finely I possibly could.

Hope you try these recipes because they are very good especially the chicken.

With lots of love,



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