Cleanse Your System Before The Holidays... So You Can Freely Enjoy!

 I believe that right about now would be great if you would cleanse you system with a few days of eating nothing but unlimited quantities of a vegetable soup the recipe of which I have already shared with you on March 29th 2011.  Therefore today's recipe is a repetition. The only difference is that back then you may not have been ready to cleanse your system while now with the advent of the holiday season it may be a good idea to do it so that, when the time comes, you can eat with no remorse...

Size Of Pot
The basics of this cleansing are that you are going to made a big batch of this soup, and eat as much of it for lunch and dinner for the first 3 or 4 days, one fruit for breakfast, coffee or tea with no sugar or milk, while drinking at least 2 liters of water per day, no bread, no olive oil in the soup, and no alcohol. After the 4th day you can add some poached protein such as fish or chicken. Still no bread, no olive oil, or alcohol. For your snacks since you cannot get rid of the habit of opening the fridge all the time to nibble at something, peel some carrots, or keep some raw cauliflower florets.  I do not pretend to be a dietician but logically speaking for somebody who needs to lose weight (like me) such a diet is recommended. You can't go wrong when you eat only vegetables and protein. So here goes:
You will need:
• 6 Large green onions.
• 1 Cup fresh green beans (they can be frozen).
• 2 Cups fresh spinach (they can be frozen).
• 5 Medium carrots (they can be frozen).
• 1 Large can cooked tomatoes.
• 1 Medium head of cabbage.
• ½ Bunch celery.
• 1 Clove garlic.
• 1 Red sweet pepper.
• 1 Stalk broccoli.
• 1 Cup brown rice.
• 1 Package onion soup
-  Roughly chop and slice everything, put in a pot, add the rice, put enough water to cover the vegetables, bring to a boil, and simmer for at least 4 hours covered.  Do not add salt because the salt will come from the ready made onion soup you will buy in a packet Maggi or Knorr.-  You only have to stir and mix every half an hour so the vegetable don't stick to the bottom.-  You can cheat and add some Jalapeño peppers and/or black pepper corns if you wish.Note: It is good hot, or cold. Stay on this soup / protein for only one week at a time. You can repeat it every 15 days. 

In any case I would suggest you ask your physician first.
Patiently enjoy!!


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