My Ultimate Breakfast!!

 This Breakfast Is Dedicated To Irini From Sfakiá in Crete.

Sí - gli - nó is a specialty of the island of Crete.  Siglino is cured and smoked pork tenderloin pieces preserved in fat to last all winter long, that is why it cannot be found during summer. Irini, a good friend of Barbara's (my daughter) from University brought it specially for me from her home town Sfakiá (south of Haniá) in Crete when she came back from her summer vacation. This is the reason I am dedicating this breakfast to her.

My ultimate breakfast therefore consists of pieces of Si-gli-no heated in a pan to melt all the fat it is preserved in and when the liquid fat is hot enough you throw in 4 whole slightly beaten eggs to form an omelet, no salt, just a little pepper, one big hot Greek pepper, and of course some pieces of fresh warm baguette (French bread).
I would like to add that this Si-gli-no is not just any cured, and smoked pork it has a very special taste which I doubt I will ever be able to make it at home.
I hope all you guys out there who like big, heavy breakfasts, will enjoy it as much as I did.


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