Maria's Marvelous Birthday Mini Rolls... Her concoction

 Maria's second delicious dish was also part of my festive birthday dinner party.  This is the first birthday in a long time that I am not laboring in the kitchen to produce something special....and I really enjoyed it!

To make these mini rolls Maria used the following:

-  1 kg of thinly sliced beef marinated in olive oil, pepper, and melted 52% cocoa content chocolate for two hours.
-  2 sweet red peppers cut open and grilled till tender cut julienne.
-  1 Tbsp. dried flower of oregano (which is considered the best part of the plant)
-  ¼ cup olive oil.
-  ¼ cup hot water if needed.
-  ½ cup dry red wine.
-  Salt and freshly ground pepper.
-  Around 25 sprigs of parsley ( equal to the number of pieces of beef on hand).
-  Cut beef into 5cm x 8cm rectangular pieces.
-  Place two strips of grilled sweet pepper and roll twice.
-  Tie roll with one parsley sprig. Parsley is malleable and easy to handle plus it gives the extra flavor, design, and color.
-  Heat oil and saute the rolls till brown on all sides.
-  Pour the red wine, wait for the alcohol to evaporate, meanwhile add freshly ground green and black pepper, cover and simmer for ½ hour.
-  Check for juices after fifteen minutes. Add hot water if needed.
-  Add oregano and cover for another fifteen minutes.
-  Turn off heat, keep covered till time to serve.
Note from Maria:
  • The idea is to obtain a nicely thickened sauce so maybe the hot water will not be needed.
  • Add some remaining grilled sweet peppers into the sauce while cooking.
Happy Birthday Stelio!


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