Egg Foo Yung Flied Lice Leftovers...

Ok yesterday we had Sikander's Kima for lunch and we shared the recipe. By the way it was very good. Today we had some of yesterday's meal leftover, and because we never throw anything away I thought of transforming yesterday's meal into a flied lice dish sorry I mean fried rice with egg foo yung.
 You will need:
-  Yesterday's leftover rice.
-  Yesterday's leftover Kima.
-  10 eggs.
-  2 hot chili peppers sliced.
-  Salt and pepper.
-  2 Tbsp. soy sauce.
-  Butter for the omelet.
- Method:
 -  Make an omelet with 10 eggs. Cut omelet in small pieces. Set aside in a plate.
-  In same pan which is already oily from the omelet fry rice to heat.
-  When rice is hot add Kima mix and stir, add the slices of chili pepper add salt and pepper.
-  Add the soy sauce, stir and mix.
-  Add the omelet pieces and mix in the Kima/rice mixture.
Serve at room temperature with chapati.
All the best and we thank the Good Lord for feeding us today as well.


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