Mini Penne Alle Cozze Con Pesto E Funghi...Mini Penne With Mussels, Mushrooms And Pesto

There are some people who maybe do not like the taste of strong pesto but do not mind having a basil, garlic back taste.

This dish does not contain any butter or oil. Basically the sauce is made with the water of the thawed mussels, and mushrooms where the pesto has been dissolved.

If you fancy such a low calorie dish you will need:
Serves 4 -6
-  500 gms of mini penne.
-  500 gms of frozen mussels.
-  500 gms of frozen mushrooms.
-  4 Tbsp. of home made pesto.
-  ½ cup skimmed milk.
-  Salt only in water where the penne are boiling.
-  No salt or pepper for the sauce.  The mussels are salty enough.
-  Combine the frozen mussels and mushrooms in a large 28 cm sauce pan with cover.
-  On low heat, let the mushrooms and mussels slowly thaw till they reach a slow boil. Turn off heat and add the milk and the pesto, mix well, cover.

-  The mini penne usually take about 6 minutes to cook.  At 4 minutes drain, return to pot and add the mussels, mushrooms, and the pesto water/milk which is still very hot.

-  Keep the pasta in the pot till they absorb all the liquid,  about 2 -3 minutes while stirring occasionally.
Serve with parmezan cheese if you wish.
This is a low calorie pasta dish.
Bon appétit,


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